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Athens 2004 Opening Ceremony

This week we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of what turned out to be one of the most beautiful and moving Opening Ceremonies ever produced.

Dimitris Papaioannou (Creative Director) uploaded a great video (link below), which reminded us of the effort and huge work that went into creating this ceremony.

A massive team from all over the world (particularly the UK, USA and Australia) working alongside the Greeks came together under the guidance of production company Jack Morton to deliver an incredibly ambitious Ceremony.

Piers Shepperd was associate Technical Director and oversaw the technical design and delivery of the chamber and staging whilst fellow Wonder Works director Jeremy Lloyd completed the technical design for the lake and the awesome laser DNA helix effect.

We looked through our archive and found some good photos of the construction period where you can see the scale of the chamber (25m in diameter and 23.7m deep!). The lake held 2,200 cubic meters of water which was drained later through some huge 500mm diameter pipes into the chamber just before the athletes enter.

You can also see the Shepperd designed floats (he’s pictured driving one) which carried the cast around the stadium. The inspiration for the design was from his previous project designing a conveyor belt for ‘Yo Sushi’.

Athens 2004 Opening Ceremony Highlights - Video