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Rio Olympic Ceremonies 2016

Technical Consultancy & Technical Design

Piers Shepperd (Wonder Works director) and the Wonder Works design team, headed by Ben O’Neill (Wonder Works design manager), were delighted to support Cerimônias Cariocas 2016 in the planning and design phases of the 2016 Rio Olympic ceremonies.

Initially, Piers’ specialist stadium know-how regarding major event scheduling, budgeting and feasibility directly supported critical decisions regarding the final location of the ceremonies venue, and the rejection of a temporary building.

Wonder Works were then asked to deliver highly accurate and detailed design drawings of several of the most complex ‘moving part’ scenic elements in the ceremonies. These included the favela ‘box city’, Alberto Santos-Dumont plane (deployed within the Opening Ceremony), and the Anthony Howe kinetic sculpture amplifying the Olympic cauldron.

The ‘flying’ plane was particularly difficult, as Ben commented, “We had to draw it from almost nothing. We had some original photos and a few images of a replica built in a museum. That was it. We had to scale it, ensure the geometry was spot on and reflect the aesthetic. I was thrilled to see it in the ceremony looking exactly as on the plan.”

For more information on how Wonder Works could support any stage of major ceremony planning please call +44 20 8819 9040.